Handcrafted chocolate using the finest ingredients from around the world. By chocolatier Kevin Reay

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Meet Kevin

Chocolatier & Founder

Kevin Reay is an innovative, creative chocolatier who is at a very exiting stage of his chocolate making journey in the chocolate and pastry Industry. Kevins passion for his craft was born for a curiosity and love of chocolate, and now has seen world wide recognition for flavour and creativity! Kevin has built up a strong reputation a winning balance of flavour and quality. He creates chocolates that are original, daring and sometimes rash! He is the only chocolatier in South Shields and further afield working as a true artisan! Kevin and his team make everything by hand, in the chocolate factory, in small batches only using the best ingredients from around the world. After spending over five years travelling and working in the Travel Industry, 2019 saw Kevin back home in the North East of England where he trained as a Chocolatier with the best professionals in the industry. He then began to specialise in chocolate shorty after, and opened The Canny Chocolate Company in 2020. Since opening Kevin has been innovating products that has wowed customers and earned him the reputation he has today.

Industry Training

Credits & Training

I have been lucky enough to travel and work across the world calling in at some fabulous destinations where only the best cocoa beans are grown. During my travels I have been fascinated by the local life, the plantations, cocoa farms/estates and the friendly locals and communities who are behind the growing of the cocoa bean – a bean that has the most fascinating journey! I have been lucky enough to visit a few cocoa farms in the Caribbean (such as the Tobago Cocoa Estate, the Belmont Estate in Grenada and the cocoa plantation in Soufriere, St Lucia). It is so important for me to use not only the finest tasting coverture chocolate but to ensure that it is sustainably sourced so we can all give back what is deserved to the wonderful communities and locals behind the cocoa bean.

Our Chocolates

The Canny Chocolate Company Is Born

The Canny Chocolate Company was born! The first year of trading was 2020 and since then I have watched the business grow fast. We believe that freshly made chocolate is a totally different experience to shop bought or mass produced. Buying chocolate is an indulgence, a luxury, the ultimate taste bud temptation. Here at the Canny Chocolate Company all of our chocolates are handmade with love and passion and we produce an exclusive range of chocolate, chocolate truffles and chocolate gifts to suit all occasions. Tell us what you think! We love to hear from you, especially if you have a favourite flavour or style, just let us know. Working with chocolate is so exciting, giving me the ability to experiment with flavour combinations and develop new products through my bespoke chocolate ordering service. If you don’t see it on my website, please get in touch. You’ll always find me in the kitchen experimenting and inventing. We can’t promise to add every single chocolate to our selection but we will certainly give it a go. We provide chocolates as wedding gifts, for special occasions, for corporate events and wholesale.

What Makes Our Chocolate Special

Here at the Canny Chocolate Company we use 100% sustainable and ethical chocolate!

Here at the Canny Chocolate Company we only work with the finest Belgian coverture chocolate which has been used for over for 100 years. All of our cocoa beans are traceable meaning we can trace back the chocolate to the individual cocoa farming communities, this therefore makes our chocolate 100% sustainable. Our cocoa comes from Ghana, Ivory Coast and Educator which ultimately gives our chocolate a perfectly balanced taste. Our chocolate allows us to create consistent, high quality and tasty creations every time.